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4 Tips: How to Help a Child Take Medicine

4 Tips: How to Help a Child Take Medicine

Children and medicines don’t seem to be the best of friends. However, when our little ones get sick, they will need medicines in order to recover. As a pharmacy in Kissimmee, Florida, we recognize how administering medicines to your little ones can be a challenge. While there’s really no way out of it, there are at least strategies you can use to make it more manageable and acceptable for their palate.

Here are some recommendations on how you can help your child take their much-needed medicines:

  1. Take After a Popsicle

    Medicines, or even vitamins, are really unpleasant-tasting to many children especially if these don’t come with special flavoring. A helpful trick that makes your child swallow it is to let them eat popsicle first. Because popsicles are cold, their tongue can get numb and they will not know how it tastes.

  2. Discontinue when Necessary

    Even if your child doesn’t like their medicine, it is still important for them to take it. However, if the same medicine is no longer essential for their condition, it’s alright to discontinue using it especially if it’s just an over-the-counter medicine (prescribed medicines should be adhered to the end). This can comfort your child in knowing that it’s not something long term, so they can take it next time.

  3. Cite Reasons

    When it is very crucial for your child’s health that they need to take the medicine, cite the important reasons why they should take it. You need to exert firmness in carrying this out because your child’s health is at stake.

  4. Coordinate with the Child’s School

    If there are medications that need to be taken during the time that they are in school, partner with their school director to assist their adherence. This way your child will have a greater sense of knowing that their medicines are very important for their condition.

At West Lake Pharmacy, we partner with you in meeting all your concerns on medicines and healthcare supplies. We hope that the above-mentioned tips have helped you in facilitating your child’s recovery and medication.

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