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Tips: How to Be Emergency-Ready with Your Medicines

Tips: How to Be Emergency-Ready with Your Medicines
Emergencies can happen to anybody anytime. Yet, it can be more devastating when you have run out of meds just when an emergency arises. As a pharmacy in Kissimmee, Florida, let us help you prepare for these emergencies with the following tips:

  • Keep a list of your medications in an easily accessible part of your bag or wallet. Prepare a list also for your family members.
  • If you need medicines for an existing medical condition, always carry the meds with you. Common examples of these conditions include asthma, thyroid problems, heart problems, and diabetes.
  • When traveling, bring extra medicines good for 3-5 days on top of your planned travel dates.
  • When packing your medicines, make sure that these are enclosed in child-resistant containers. Ask your pharmacist about medication storage accessories and healthcare supplies.
  • When storing your meds in your home, ensure that the area is away from moisture and heat. These elements may affect the potency of the medicines.
  • Arrange for your medicines to be refilled while you still have about a week left, or 5-7 days away before your stock runs out.
  • For your children on regular medications, coordinate with their school authorities to prepare.
  • If you’re on medication that requires injection or complicated procedures, get advice from your doctor. They will help you prepare for emergencies when needed.
  • Double-check your medicines always to ensure that you don’t take anything beyond their expiration dates. You don’t want to take expired meds when there’s an emergency.

You can save lives when you are ready and alert during emergencies. If you’re assisting a loved one who needs to take meds, take careful note of the above tips.

As a diabetes care pharmacy in Florida, you can also drop by. West Lake Pharmacy offers diabetes-related medications and healthcare supplies. For your questions and other inquiries, our pharmacists can help. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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