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Ketones—What You Should Know

Ketones—What You Should Know

Ketones are something you should be careful about if you have diabetes. Too many ketones in the body can cause diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). This could lead to nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, confusion, and others.

  • What are ketones?

    Ketones are chemical by-products when your body doesn’t have enough insulin and starts breaking down glucose into body fat instead of energy. For people with diabetes, this occurs when insulin is not taken for long periods or when doses are missed.

  • Why are they dangerous?

    Ketones can disturb the chemical balance of your blood. If left untreated, it can poison the body. Since our body cannot tolerate large amounts of ketones, it will try to get rid of them through our urine. Then eventually, they will build up in the blood.

  • When and how should I test for Ketones?

    It is recommended to check for ketones every four to six hours. Ask your doctor for the best diabetes management plan. You may also refer to a diabetes care pharmacy in Florida for assistance.

    Contact your doctor if you’re vomiting, your blood sugar level is higher than your target range, and your urine ketone level is from moderate to high. You can test your urine for ketones with over-the-counter urine ketones test kit. These kits are available at any pharmacy in Kissimmee, Florida

  • What else should you know?

    Exercise helps lower down high blood sugar, but not when ketones are present. Never exercise when your ketone levels are from moderate to high. Heavy physical activities may make your blood sugar level go even higher.

West Lake Pharmacy is a reliable source of healthcare supplies that specializes in diabetes care. They help clients make wiser decisions when making medication plans and managing diabetes.

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